SPV Modules

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DEEPA SOLAR specializes in Manufacture of photovoltaic modules for on- and off-grid applications as well as standard and customized photovoltaic systems for stand-alone and especially roof top applications.


DEEPA SOLAR is the manufacturer of mono crystalline and multi crystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which supply sustainable solar electric power to both on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial as well as industrial establishments. We offer a wide range of solar PV modules from 5 Wp to 270 Wp.SPV modules having been certified by, by TUV Rheinland ,Bangalore as per MNRE requirement of IEC-61215: 2005,EN-61215:2005 ,IEC-61730-1:2004,IEC 61730- 2:2004,EN 61730-1:2007,EN 61730-2:2007 (Tested & IEC-61701(Slat Mist Tested UL Lab).  


  • Designed for High area Efficiency ideally suited for rooftop and ground mounted applications from 1kW to MW scale
  • Guaranteed (0 to +4.99)Wp positive power output tolerance ensuring high return on investment
  • Extremely reliable product suitable for all environmental conditions
  • Engineered to provide excellent low light response
  • IEC-61215: 2005,EN-61215:2005 ,IEC-61730-1:2004,IEC 61730-2:2004,EN 61730-1:2007,EN 61730-2:2007 (Tested & IEC-61701(Slat Mist Tested UL Lab)
  • 100% Tested to ensure micro crack free modules
  • Each and every site installation is supervised by our highly skilled technical wing

Engineer procumbent constriction Service (EPC)

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt ltd as highly experienced technical team for excitation of solar power plants of any capacity up to MW scale as on EPC project DSSPL is ensuring performance security of the investors interest along with general insurance for natural calamities

DSSPL is one of the leading company in excitation of roof top solar power plant systems all over INDIA

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